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What is Let's Give?

Let’s Give UBC is a voluntary initiative supported by a UTown@UBC community grant.

We are a voluntary Local Exchange Trading System (or LETS) that aims to connect individuals and families who live in the university neighborhoods.

Our goal is to increase connection and exchange in our community by helping members exchanging goods and/or services.

Let’s Give UBC is created to help members to publish, look for and find with whom they can exchange the goods and services they might occasionally need within the local community. This way, people could exchange services and/or goods in a local, communal and non-hierarchical way, while meeting and creating social bonds within the UNA community.

Upcoming events




Informational Session - Community Potluck

  • Place Acadia Community Centre (Commons Block)
  • Time 6.00 PM

Come to learn more about the project, set an account and enjoy free pizza!


More to come...

  • Place
  • Time

Frequently asked questions


How does it work?

It's easy! Click the "Join our community" button above to sign up, and start posting.


What can I offer/look for?

Everything from goods, to services as long as this is free of charge. Details will be directly coordinated between the parties.

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